Please note that all late assignments including assignment # 6 MUST be submitted by 12/13 by 11:55pm! Nothing will be accepted past this date![Absolute deadline]

Assignment # Due Date Description
Assignment #6 due 12/13 (Postponed) by 11:55pm Lists, Functions, Loops, and Reading and Writing to files (Input/Output (I/O))
Assignment #5 due 11/15 by 11:55pm Moudule, Functions, and Nested loops Applications
Assignment #4 due 11/4 by 11:55pm Nested loop applications
Assignment #3 due 10/11 by 11:55pm loop applications
Assignment #2 due 10/1 by 11:55pm Calendar application
Assignment #1 due 9/25 by 11:55 pm Birthday application
Assignment #0 9/18 by midnight Download Python and your first program (Pass/fail - no grade)

Notes on the assignments (**Please Read **):

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Late Assignments:


For the purposes of this class, cheating is defined as: