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Professor: Sana Odeh
Faculty Liaison for Global Programs of Computer Science
Clinical Associate Professor
Computer Science Department
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
New York University
Email: Odeh (AT) courant (DOT) nyu (DOT) edu

Affiliated Faculty,  NYU Abu Dhabi
NYU Abu Dhabi: Office: 106 South Tower, NYU Abu Dhabi Downtown Center.
NYU New York: Office: 251 Mercer Street, Room 321 :: New York City, 10012

Whenever you have a question about the course material, please feel free to see me during my office hours or write me an email message. If at any time you feel that you are falling behind or are overwhelmed by the material, let me know: I will be very happy to help you.

Course Information:

Course Description:

This course provides a gentle introduction to the fundamentals of programming, which is the foundation of Computer Science. It is intended as a first course for students from different disciplines; no prerequisite is needed. Programming has revolutionized every aspect of our lives from art and other media to education, business, and the core sciences. Students will understand the basics of how computers “think” and how computer programs (software applications) are created. We will develop simple and fun applications involving graphics, sound, text processing, animation, basic interactive game techniques, networking and web interfaces. Students will produce short programs and one final project using Python, a relatively easy programming language with powerful visual and graphics capabilities.

Course goals


Students are required produce five individual programming assignments and one final project integrating graphics, sound, animation, and text and image processing.


This course has no prerequisites.



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