J22.0101 Assignments:

Please note that assignments past the due date will NOT be Accepted!

Make sure that your program has no syntax errors-- Assignments will NOT be graded (you will get a zero grade) if your program has syntax errors! Also, make sure that your program produces the correct output before submitting your program (Use different sets of data to test your program)!

** December 6 (Today) is our last lab. I hope that you found this lab useful and fun! Let me know if you have any questions about taking Computer Science classes or about the last homework! Good luck!


Lab # 6 Due: During lab. This is our last lab! I hope that you have found these labs challenging and useful! I've enjoyed teaching you all. Let me know if you have any questions about computer science. I hoep to see you in my furture classes! Good luck!

Assignment #3 due on 12/14 (email the .py to sao1@nyu.edu). No program will be accepted after this deadline!

Assignment #2 due on 12/6 (email the .py to me)

Assignment #1 due on 11/22 (email the .py to me)


Lab # 5 Due: During lab 12/6.

Lab # 4 Due: During lab 11/22.

Lab # 3 Due: During lab.

Lab # 2 Due: During lab.

Lab # 1 Due: During lab.


Plagiarism policy:

Notes about your program:

·       Make sure your program includes a comment at the beginning with your name along with a brief synopsis of the program.

·       You should use comments throughout the source code to explain key steps and calculations.

·       Choose intuitive names for variables

·       You should use blank lines where appropriate to make your program easy to read.

·       Make sure that your program does not contain any syntax errors and produces correct output.

·       Test your program to be sure that it runs the way that you expect.