Short Bio

I am originally from Istanbul, Turkey. Before NYU, I was at Bogazici University where I received my BS and MS degrees in Computer Engineering. During the first three years of my PhD studies, I worked on long range robot vision problems under the supervision of Prof. Yann LeCun. From May 2008 until December 2009, I took a break from New York City and moved to Germany as a Max Planck Society Fellow. At the Department Schoelkopf in Tuebingen, I advanced my thesis research on novel semi-supervised learning algorithms with Dr. Yasemin Altun. I came back to the US in early 2010, and joined the startup world after receiving my PhD degree. Since Twitter acquired our company in September 2011, I have been working on exciting problems in social media networks.

Research Interests


  • Email: naz dot erkan at gmail dot com


Earlier Work

Summer Schools and Invited Symposia

  • Google Grad CS Forum 2010
    Invited speaker, Mountain View, CA, January 2010
  • Grace Hopper Conference
    San Diego, CA, October 2006
  • CIAR Neural Computation and Adaptive Perception Summer School
    Click here for a list of participants. Toronto, Canada, July 2005
  • Machine Learning Summer School (MLSS'05)
    Click here for photos. Chicago, IL, May 2005