CS 372H, Spring 2012: Introduction to Operating Systems: Honors

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5/18: Final grades have gone to the registrar.
The class is over. Have a nice summer!
5/18: All scores posted. Final grades will go to registrar soon.
Final exam scores are on blackboard. Final project scores are also on blackboard and so are participation grades. The latter two are out of 10. A 10 on the project was a truly outstanding project. A 9 was competently executed, with some flaws. An 8 meant that there were some major flaws and/or a fairly big gap between what was promised and what was delivered. Etc. The scores for participation/preparedness we determined by looking at your "accuracy" (roughly, your ratio of right to wrong answers this term), at our subjective sense of your classroom contribution, and at attendance.
5/11: Solutions to final exam posted
Solutions to the final are posted on the exams page. Please let us know if you see any errors.
5/8: Notes from review/study session posted here and on schedule page
5/7: Final will be closed book, but you can bring TWO two-sided sheets of notes
As with the midterm, you may bring sheets of notes. Note that whereas for the midterm you had ONE two-sided sheet, for the final, you may bring TWO two-sided sheets, for a total of four sides of printing. As with the midterm, we have formatting requirements for each sheet. Here they are: Times New Roman font, minimum 10 point font, minimum 1 inch margins on all sides, maximum 55 lines per side (which is a busy single-spaced sheet). Do not exceed 1 inch margins, even if it means that you cannot fit 55 lines per side. If you use handwriting, same deal: your handwriting should be no smaller than 10pt, your margins should be at least 1 inch, etc., etc.
5/7: Part II of the CS372H poetry series: The Halting Problem's undecidability, in poetry
The halting problem came up a few times this semester; this poem presents it perfectly.
5/4: Part I of the CS372H poetry series: The story of Mel
You may enjoy the story of Mel, a classic folk tale. Recently, people (re)learned that Mel is real.
4/30: Clarification on lab 7, part B
There was no mention of relaxing the pair programming requirements in the lab. This is fixed, and an e-mail you should have received elaborates further.
4/29: No office hours this Friday or any more Fridays this term
If you want to meet, email to set up an appointment.
4/20: Demos are Monday, 5/14 and Tuesday, 5/15
Please sign up for a demo slot in the afternoon of Monday, May 14, morning of Tuesday, May 15, or late afternoon of Tuesday, May 15. An email with the link will be, or was sent, to all of you.

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Course information

Description and goals

This course is for students who want to hack on operating systems and more generally learn how they work. Class meetings will cover operating systems, advanced topics in systems, and research papers (both classic and recent). A significant fraction of classes will involve discussion. A crucial component of the course is the labs: students will implement the core of an exokernel- or microkernel-style operating system, called JOS.

The work

The class consists of lectures, discussion days, labs, exams, readings, homeworks, and background sections:

Finally, you are responsible for checking the announcements (either on the site or by RSS) every 24 hours.

A note about the labs

We recommend that you start the labs long before they are due. The standard advice is "Start the labs early", but that is not quite right. The best advice that we know of is "Start the labs on time, but on time is probably much earlier than you think".

Readings and references

There will be two kinds of readings in this class: required and background. The background reading covers foundational material that we will assume that you know. Do you have this background? Should you do this reading? One guideline is this: if you've taken CS439H, CS372, or the equivalent, you probably already have this background. However, you may wish to look over this reading anyway just to make sure. If you've taken only CS352 or CS352H, then you should probably do this reading. We made the reserve requests in the first week of class. If you have problems retrieving the books, please let the course staff know.


We are indebted to the present and past staffs of related courses elsewhere: UT, MIT, UCLA, and Stanford.

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