Spring 2018
Advanced Machine Learning

Course#: CSCI-GA.3033-007
Instructor: Mehryar Mohri
Graders/TAs: TBD.
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Course Description

This course introduces and discusses advanced topics in machine learning. The objective is both to present some key topics not covered by basic graduate ML classes such as Foundations of Machine Learning, and to bring up advanced learning problems that can serve as an initiation to research or to the development of new techniques relevant to applications.

It is strongly recommended to those who can to also attend the Machine Learning Seminar.

Location and Time

Warren Weaver Hall Room 101,
251 Mercer Street.
Tuesdays 5:10 PM - 7:00 PM.


Students are expected to be familiar with basic machine learning concepts and must have attended a graduate ML class such as Foundations of Machine Learning or equivalent, at Courant or elsewhere.

Projects and Assignments

There will be 2 homework assignments and a topic presentation and report. The final grade is a combination of the assignment grades and the topic presentation grade. The standard high level of integrity is expected from all students, as with all Math and CS courses.


Technical Papers

An extensive list of recommended papers for further reading is provided in the lecture slides.


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