E-cards, e-vites, e-photos, etc. cause spam -- details below. My job demands a spam-free inbox, and I am fanatical about preventing spam. If you'd like to use a hosted-content site to send me e-cards, e-vites, e-photos, etc., then I would appreciate it very much if you could send it to evitedan at yahoo dot com and also to my usual e-address. That way, I'll see the evite/ecard/ephoto announcement in the account that I use all the time, but I'll click through only from the other account, where spam doesn't bother me.

I'm sorry for being difficult, but I'm probably one of the few remaining people in the world that uses email intensively but gets zero spam. Not falling for the evite/ecard/ephoto scam is one of my main defenses.

Thanks for your patience,


E-cards, E-vites, E-photos, etc., are E-vil

Spam is Evil. E-cards, etc., cause Spam. Therefore they are Evil.

How do e-cards, etc., cause spam? Every email sent out by evite.com and similar websites contains a URL that is uniquely coded to a particular recipient's email address. When the recipient "clicks through" to see the details, they are effectively confirming that their email address is valid. The website then sells the validated addresses to spammers. That's their business model.

I have simple proof of this fact: I get zero spam at my NYU email address. I get lots of spam to evitedan at yahoo dot com, which is an account that I use as described above and for nothing else.