MT Gabfest

At any given time, people working with me are pursuing a bunch of different NLP projects, either individually or in groups. Although this allocation of effort into projects helps people to focus, it is also important to share ideas across projects, and to be aware of the big picture. For this reason (and cuz we just like each other so much ;), a bunch of us get together for an informal dinner at a nearby restaurant, about once a month, to talk shop and hang out. Several people per meeting talk about what they've been doing, and then we brainstorm as a group. Both eating and talking are optional; if you just want to eavesdrop, that's fine. When we finish eating and talking shop, people either take off or hang out, as they please.

People who are not working with me are welcome to join us. Again, you can just eavesdrop if you like, but of course we welcome good ideas from anybody. If you'd like to be notified about future Gabfests, please send email to melamed at cs dot nyu dot edu.

Dan Melamed
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