40K Grasp examples data can be found here.
Novel object testing data can be found here.
The downloaded folder (after untarring the downloaded tar file) should result is 4 sub directories or datasets ([Arm name]_[Estimated positive or negative]). Each of these datasets contains a folder of data for every interaction. Refer to the Code provided to read this data.
A small ordered subset of this data(sneak peek) can be found here

Matlab code to read this data can be found here
To display the data from dataset 'left_positive' say, run displayDataset('PATH_ROOT_TO_DATASET_DIRECTORY/left_positive').

Please email Lerrel - lerrelp[AT]cs.cmu.edu for issues, queries or general help with the dataset.
Note: There might be errors in the data due to (a) Robot precision errors (b) Incorrect Camera Calibration issues.