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Lisheng Fu

Ph.D. Candidate
Computer Science
Courant Institute
New York University
719 Broadway, Room 701
New York, NY 10003


Work Experience


My interests are Natural Language Processing (NLP) and its applications. I am doing research in Proteus Group with Professor Ralph Grishman. I also received a lot of help from our previous Postdoc Yifan He. I used to work on active learning for relation extraction. Recently, I collaborate more with Thien Huu Nguyen and Bonan Min on learning distributed representation for relations. Currently, I am working on my thesis to graduate in 2018. I will be interested in industrial research positions after that.


  1. Domain Adaptation for Relation Extraction with Domain Adversarial Neural Network. Lisheng Fu, Thien Huu Nguyen, Bonan Min and Ralph Grishman. Proceedings of IJCNLP 2017.
  2. A Two-stage Approach for Extending Event Detection to New Types via Neural Networks. Paper Thien Huu Nguyen, Lisheng Fu, Kyunghyun Cho and Ralph Grishman. Proceedings of ACL 2016 Workshop on Representation Learning for NLP.
  3. An Efficient Active Learning Framework for New Relation Types. Paper, Slides Lisheng Fu and Ralph Grishman. Proceedings of IJCNLP 2013.