More Ray Tracing - B

That's NotSoSimpleRayTracing-ver2 with textures added.
(the difference from A is that the lens is noisy)

The navigation is as before:
What you see is through a magnifying lens; press 'l' (that's not one) to change its appearance status. Mouse drag rotates the objects in a low-resolution mode. As before, the transparent objects don't rotate during shift + mouse drag. Up/Down key increases/decreases focal length. Right/Left key increases/decreased the drawn size. 'f' toggle on/off the fog; 'd' changes different drag modes. Cute way to do things quickly is to hold the mouse button (drag mode) before/while pressing keys. If you lose screen focus, click on the applet to get the picture back. Some browsers need an extra click on the applet initially in order to do things with it. If mouse dragging stop responding, just refresh.

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