I am a BSc/Msc student at NYU. Can I work with you?
That depends if you are qualified enough to do research already. If you completed a few courses in machine learning and did very well, it might be possible. Please send me an email with your CV and all transcipts. Please also explain your research interests and why you want to do research with me.

Can I be your PhD student?
I encourage you to apply to the PhD program at the Center for Data Science and/or the PhD program at Vilcek Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences, indicating me as one of your potential supervisors. You can apply to both, usually in December. It is not possible to be admitted in any other way. Depending on your background and interests, your chances of getting accepted might be better at one or the other. Please note that the applications in both programs are reviewed by their respective admission committees, so I can't tell you whether you will be accepted on my own.

Can I be your postdoc?
If I am currently adverstising a position, please apply. If not, that means I currently don't have any funding for a postdoc. If you have your own funding or you are planning to apply for a fellowship to get your own funding, please send me an email to discuss it.

Can I be your visiting student?
That depends primarily on whether your research is close enough to mine so that I can imagine that your visit would be beneficial to both of us. It also depends on whether you have your own funding or are you going to apply for it. Sponsoring visits is generally difficult, so it helps a lot if you can handle this yourself. Finally, if you want to visit me and do research, three months is a minimum.

Can you share your dataset with me?
If I don't explicitly mention this in the paper or advertise it somewhere else, then almost certainly not.

Why are you not answering my email?
There are several possibilities. (1) I don't know what to answer. (2) You email looked very generic. If you send the same impersonal email to 50 people, don't expect a personal answer. (3) I'm working towards a deadline and I'm not checking my email.

Will you be a scientific advisor/consultant for my startup?
That is possible but only if I find what you are doing interesting and I believe I can help you. Send me an email explaining what you are doing and how you think I can be useful to you.