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Most of the research that I do would not be possible without the contributions of fantastic students and colleagues. I am constantly looking for interesting projects to work on with highly motivated individuals. Research opportunities are available for talented people interested in PhD, post-doctoral, pre-doctoral, and intern (summer or off-cycle) positions. Contact me if you have a combination of strong technical skills, creativity, and interest in or around my research areas.


Yasir Zaki
Shariq Bashir

Summer Internships

I started the CTED summer internship program two years ago. Since then, every summer we invite students to come design, implement, and deploy ICTD systems in AD and parts of sub-Saharan Africa. The program has been rewarding for everyone involved, attracting ambitious and talented students who are interested in impact-driven research. Some of our current/past students:

  Aaron Lynch - 2013 (University of Washington)
  Henry Corrigan-Gibbs - 2013 (Yale -> Stanford)
  Sepehr Vakil - 2013 (UC Berkeley)
  Satia Herfert - 2013 (University of Bremen)
  Laura Li - 2012 (University of Washington -> Anthro Tech Inc.)
  Cesar Lopez Ramirez - 2012 (University of Madrid)


I have also co-advised several fantastic MS students at NYU:

  Wei-Chih Lu (NYU)
  Faiz Kazi (NYU)
  Trishank Karthik (NYU)
  Brendan Linn (NYU)
  Arvind Kumar (NYU)
Last Updated: July 21, 2013