Nathan Hull


Nathan Hull is a long-time teacher in New York University’s Computer Science Department, and is a recipient of NYU’s “Outstanding Teaching Award.”

Nathan has taught many different courses at NYU ranging from programming courses such as Java, C, Pascal and Assembly Language, to Data Structures and Operating Systems. Over the past few years, he has had a particular interest in teaching Web Development topics, and created courses that teach such skills as HTML, JavaScript, Perl/CGI, Flash and Photoshop. Nathan was also one of the first professor anywhere to offer a course in “iPhone Application Programming”. This semester, he is repeating this course now known as "iOS Programming".

In conjunction with CBS, Nathan Hull taught a course on national television as part of the “Sunrise Semester” series called “Computers in Concept and Culture.” It was 47 half-hours long, and covered a series of topics ranging from technical advancements to the impact of computers on society.


Pictures (Clockwise from left)  Nathan Hull in ”iPhone Programming” class in Spring 2009; Winners of the First iPhone Programming Contest with Margaret Wright, CS Chair, and Beth Marshdoyle, Apple Computer; Nathan with students at the last two Apple WWDC conferences in San Francisco.