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Links to Necessary libraries

In order to be able to successfully run the code, several libraries must be installed.

  • FFTW-3 available at implements fast fourier transforms (FFTs) necessary for the FMM code.
  • PETSc available at is necessary for the parallel FMM code. Currently, our code uses petsc 2.3.0. Once PETSc is installed, make sure the location of PETSc is set through the PETSC_DIR environment variable as well as the PETSC_ARCH environment variable for your architecture (installing PETSc will tell you what your architecture is).
  • The BLAS and Lapack libraries (see and are necessary for certain efficient numerical operations. PETSc also requires these libraries, but PETSc can download them for you and install them directly. Read the PETSc installation instructions for more information.
  • MPI (Message Passing Interface) libraries (see are available for running on a parallel machine. MPI can also be downloaded automatically by PETSc during PETSc installation.

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