KIFMM3d Code Documentation

The following documentation can be downloaded as an archived file for local use. This zipped and archived file is available on the download page. The following documentation will continue to be updated as necessary.

Code Documentation

We have detailed class structures, the meanings of class members and functions and provided in-depth details of specifically complex pieces of the code. The code documentation is organized as follows:

  • The directory: ./fmm3d_mpi/html/index.html provides descriptions of classes, members, and functions as well as detailed information (often line-by-line) of what is being done in parts of the code for the MPI 3D FMM code. The majority of the code documentation is here as ther sequential code is less complex and uses similar naming conventions.
  • The directory: ./fmm3d/html/index.html provides descriptions for the non-parallel sequential FMM test code.
  • The directory: ./common/html/index.html provides brief descriptions of common code such as access to blas and lapack calls, matrix and vector structures, etc.