A small-version of a new shell with customized commands to go on top of C-Shell, Korn Shell, or whatever the user chooses. There were some interesting developments as a result. Most of the code was written in Korn or Perl, but below I've listed some of the commands implemented (other than the already implemented basic Unix commands - ls, cat, etc.) as well as documentation. Further, there is a tar file, myshell.tar which you should place in a directory and open to play around. Read the documentation as well or email me.

HotDesignDoc.txt - Design Document on how the shell was designed/organized/etc.
HotUserDoc.txt - User documentation, my man pages for my commands, etc.

Some Unix Utilties
hotshell - main shell command to get shell running; you can run normal utilties in this shell (ls, cat, sleep, etc) as well as the commands written below. This is written in Perl
har - like tar but makes executable
hbwrite - like write but to multiple users
hcgrep - context grep, returns matchiung lines as well as as many lines before or after that you want
hget - a useful command if you're using RCS; can be played with for different types of version control
hhog - I like this one: allows you to check whose hogging the machine, and send them a nasty message (or pleasant) if you want to
hprint - allows you to print a file to a printer and have it wait for a while and move to another printer (in a printer control file) if that one's too busy. Nice for checkin queues
hquota - find the five largest files in a directory or directory tree
hrm - like rm but uses a trash can which you can empty with hrm -e
hrgrep - recursive grep; pretty much like grep -r where available
There are other commands, which you can look at in the tar file or learn about in the documentation above

Tar file of everything
myshell.tar - everything above in a package. Put this in a directory called HotShell and tar xvf it and look around