Name Tagger scoring

This utility can be used either to score a set of files which have already been tagged by a name tagger, or to both tag a set of files and then immediately score them.  The key file should have in-line XML name tags.  The utility is invoked by

xjet Jet.Scorer.NEScorer test-directory test-file-list key-directory key-file-list [order tagger-model] tag1 tag2 ...

with arguments as follows:
directory containing test files
a file containing a list of test files, one per line
directory containing key files
a file containing a list of key files, one per line
(test-file-list and key-file-list should be the same length
The following two arguments should be included in order to both tag the test documents and then score them.
either "unigram" or "bigram", indicating what emission probabilities should be used
file containing HMM model for name tagging
a tag to be scored (e.g., ENAMEX)
The scorer reports scores for each document and for the entire collection. It reports both 'type' precision and recall, and 'attribute' precision and recall. The former reports on matches at the XML tag type (e.g., ENAMEX); the latter on matches at the feature level (e.g., PERSON vs. ORGANIZATION).