ACE Event Tagger

The EventTagger command runs the Ace event tagger in diagnostic mode, with entities and values taken from an input APF file. It reads in the information from the input APF (in docDir), ignoring any events in the input file, generates a new set of events using the Jet event tagger, and writes a new APF file (inn outDir) containing these new events. It is invoked by

xjet AceJet.EventTagger propertyFile fileList docDir modelDir outDir [glarfDir glarfFileExtension]

Jet properties file
a list of the documents to be processed, one document doc per line
(for document doc, the text file is assumed to be doc.sgm and the APF file doc.apf.xml)
the path of the directory containing both the text and APF files for the documents
the path of the directory which contains the pattern and model files for the event tagger
the path of the directory which will contain all the generated APF files, which will have the file extension .apf
if present, the path of the directory containing the GLARF triples for the documents
(required if glarfDir is present) the file extension of each GLARF triples file


if non-null, every event mention in the APF file includes a feature "p" whose value is some estimate of the probability that this is a reportable ACE event
for events generated by the maxent classifier, the minimum probability required for an event to be reportable (events with at least one argument matched by a pattern are always reported).  Default is 0.80.  If > 1, only events generated by a pattern matching at least one argument are included.
for event arguments added by the maxent argument classifier, the minimum value of the product of the event probability and the argument probability for an argument to be reportable.  Default is 0.35.