The APFtoXML utility extracts information from an Ace APF file and produces a file with the selected information marked by in-line XML tags such as <ENAMEX TYPE=type> for names.  It is invoked by

xjet AceJet.APFtoXML year apf-directory output-directory filelist apf-extension output-extension [gazetteer pre-dictionary] flag flag ...

is one of 2003, 2004, or 2005, reflecting the different APF formats used
is the directory which contains both the text and apf files
is the directory which will contain the files with in-line XML tags
is a file containing a list of the documents to be processed, one per line;  text and apf files are relative to apf-directory;  output files are relative to output-directory.  If a line in this file is F, the text file is read from F.sgm, the apf file is read from F.apf-extension, and the output file is F.output-extension .
file extension for apf files (added to document name)
file extension for output files (added to document name)
For 2004, pre-nominals were tagged PRE whether they were names or not, so additional information is required to identify names. This is provided by two additional files,
a Jet gazetteer, listing country and state names
a list of words, indicating for each whether or not they are names

one or more of sentences timex mentions types names, indicating a type of information to be included in the output files
sentences:  output <sentence> tags
timex:  output <timex2> tags
mentions:  output <mention entity=n> tags indicating co-reference relations
types:  include ACE type and subtype features with mention tags
names:  include ENAMEX tags