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About  JET

JET, the Java Extraction Tool, provides a variety of components for language analysis.  These components can be arranged in pipelines for different applications, and can be used either for interactive analysis of individual sentences, or 'batch' analysis of complete documents.

JET is a work in progress, and is being regularly expanded and updated.

Portions of JET  (c) 1999-2006 Ralph Grishman

Program (jar) & resources API Source Notes
28 Jan 2005

Running Jet

You need Java 1.4 or later in order to run Jet.

Download the latest program/resources zip file and extract all the files from the zip file.

The expanded directory will include
To run under Windows, go to the win directory, open the Jet batch file, and then select the configuration file you need

To run under Unix, go the the unix directory and execute "jet props/config-file"

The documentation for the current release (also included in the download) is here.