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Named Entity Task Definition


C.1 - The entire string expressing the monetary or percentage value is to be tagged.
C.2 - Juxtaposed strings expressing monetary values in two different currencies are to be tagged separately.
C.3 - Modifying words that indicate the approximate value of a number or a "relative position" to a number are to be excluded from the NUMEX tag. However, borderline cases surh as the quantifier "several" may be optionally included in the tagged string.
C.4 - Rarely, multiword strings that are to be tagged as NUMEX will contain LOCATION (ENAMEX) substrings that are also to be tagged.
C.5 - Numeric expressions that do not use currency terms to indicate money values and that do not use percentage terms to indicate percentages are not to be tagged.

Named Entity Task Definition - 02 JUN 95
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