This web site provides the JET and ICE binary distributions for 2019.

project release changes
JET Oct. 6, 2019 Minor fixes for active learning.
ICE Oct. 6, 2019 Add panel for trees.

Clicking on the release date downloads the distribution (a compressed tar file). Un-tar the file into a fresh directory F, set environment variables JET_HOME, ICE_HOME, and PATH.
For JET this involves
        cd F
        tar -zxvf D  [where D is the distribution tar]
        export JET_HOME=F
        export PATH=$JET_HOME/bin:$PATH

For ICE this involves 
        cd F
        tar -zxvf D  [where D is the distribution tar]
        export ICE_HOME=F/ice-bin
        export PATH=$ICE_HOME/bin:$PATH

Running ICE

        once ICE has been installed, it can be invoked by ""

Running active learner for names

        download Jet

        download a documentCollection

        download a list of documents from the collection
        run " docDir docList"

a       three buttons will appear (in upper left corner)

        select "init":  nameAL will preproces texts

        select "learn":  nameAL will use JET document editor,
                presenting one sentence at a time for name annotation

text collections





# Ice.DepEmbeddings.fileName # Ice.Bootstrapper.threshold # Ice.Bootstrapper.debug # Ice.processEvents