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Information Extraction Task Definition

2 Scenario-Dependent Subtask: General Description

An IE scenario task is to identify all information in each input text that is defined to be relevant by the task definition in the scenario Fill Rules document, and to construct a representation of the relevant information in the format specified by the BNF.

For any given IE scenario, the following will be provided:


Paragraph that briefly describes the scenario topic and the relevance criteria. The narrative will be used by the evaluation designers in formulating a text retrieval query that will return candidate test set documents from the MUC-6 corpus.


Will include one or more of the Template Element objects or slots defined in this document, plus any scenario-specific and relational objects needed for the scenario. Primarily defines the syntax of the template.


Will describe the reporting conditions and the semantics of each object and slot. The Template Element objects will have separate minimum conditions and slot descriptions that are available during the first stage of evaluation; additional reporting conditions may be imposed in the Fill Rules for a particular scenario (e.g., instead of reporting all organizations, a scenario may only require reporting airplane manufacturing companies).


A set of N texts with accompanying filled-out templates (for both subtasks).

Information Extraction Task Definition - 14 JUN 95
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