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Coreference Task Definition


If three markables, A, B, and C, are coreferential, this relationship could be recorded in the key in several ways: for example, by a REF pointer in both B and C pointing to A, or by a REF pointer in B pointing to A and a REF pointer in C pointing to B. A similar range of variations is possible in a system response. The current scoring rules provide that any correct key, when compared to any correct response, will yield a 100% recall/100% precision score, independent of the way the coreference relation is encoded in the key by REF pointers. However, if the response is incomplete, its recall score CAN be affected by the way in which the coreference relation is encoded by the key. It is therefore recommended that each markable which participates in a coreference relation have a REF pointer to the most recent prior coreferential markable which does not have STAT="OPT".

Coreference Task Definition - 31 MAY 95
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