Installing Lush under Cygwin

Installing lush on cygwin is easy once the correct packages are installed. The process is the same as on any other linux release. Just make sure the correct packages are installed, because the cygwin setup program may not add them by default.

Step 1 - Install Cygwin

Run cygwin's setup.exe (which can be found here Keep the default settings and select a download mirror to get to the list of available packages.

Without deselecting the default packages, expand the Devel tree and select the following packages:

Then expand the Libs tree and select the following packages:

Click 'next' to install cygwin. Double-click the shortcut to cygwin. When you run cygwin after installation, you may get a message in the shell that says /etc/passwd and /etc/group need to be rebuilt. Follow the directions given.

The remaining directions were taken from lush's homepage:

Step 2 - Download Lush

Download the latest version by running these commands:

cvs login 
[type enter when prompted for a password]
cvs -z3 co lush
Now there is a 'lush' subdirectory in the working directory.

Step 3 - Compile and Install Lush

Run the following commands:

cd lush
Wait for configure to finish; it takes a little while. There shouldn't be any errors if you have all the necessary packages.

Then compile lush:

This may take several moments. When it finishes, run the following command which places lush in a good location and adds it to your path:
make install


After installation, you should be able to type 'lush' anywhere to start. To take advantage of the linear algebra routines, run the following once lush is running:

(libload "libnum/linalgebra")
You may receive a message that says "The following symbols are used but not defined," but you can still use the linear algebra functions in the tutorial.

Coming Soon

X-windows installation and the lush helptool.

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October 5, 2006