Anna's Computer Graphics page

This page contains the homeworks for the Graduate Computer Graphics course, taught by Prof. Ken Perlin, that I attended in Fall 2004.

Assignment 1 (Interaction/2D): Interactive Toy that has a character.

Assignment 2 (3D Matrices): Rotating frames.

Assignment 3 (Matrix stacks and parametric surface meshes): Curious creature.

Assignment 4 (Ray tracing): Reflections.

Assignment 5 (Advanced Ray tracing): Ray Tracing of Second Order Surfaces and Polyhedras.
Click here if you want to avoid the loading time and just interested in the final images.
Assignment 6 (ZBuffer): Snowman and A Sphere in a Tube.

Assignment 7 (Spline curves and surfaces): Interactive Toy and Patch Editor.

Assignment 8 (Procedural textures: Perlin Noise): Textures