Graduate Computer Graphics, Fall 2006
   Professor Ken Perlin
Courant Institute
This ray traced animation has a few accidental artifacts. Although clownish and awkward, I actually was somewhat pleased with this clumsy version.
I dedicated effort towards optimizing animated ray tracing, to improve the rate of the already slight level of animation in effect. Although some improvement was introduced, the results were not as dramatic as I had hoped.
Movement is given to the shapes by manipulating the starting point in the directional vector used to trace the ray. Each animated frame, the x axis is modified by 0.001, eventually reversing in opposite direction.
In addition to the shapes' movement, the light slowly rotates in the z-y plane, somewhat obstructed by the commanding artifacts.

View an interim version of this Ray Tracer, without animation of shapes and moving light source.

Francis Kirigin
fkirigin @ nyu dot edu

Sphere.java Modified
  Sphere implementation for Ray Tracing
SimpleRayTracer.java Implemented
  Class managing image and manipulating framebuffer.
LightModel.java Implemented
  Class providing Phong Shading light model.
MathOps.java Modified
  Class serves as a collection of common mathemathical calculations, number tasks
PixApplet.java Modified
  Class intended to pixellate applet.
Shape.java Unmodified foreign source