Homework 3: 3D Modeling with Polygons

NOTE: To toggle between filled and drawn shapes, click display once.

Francis Kirigin   Novice Animator, Matrix Transformations Enthusiast

Implemented : (Newer additions followed by dependent, unmodified modules)
Cube.java (new)
  - Derived from class Shape3D, implementation dedicated primarily as rough 3D modeling tool for drawing Polygons. Supports basic graphic manipulation for 3D conversion from a 2D representation, performed via rudimentary, shape-specific Linear Transformations on contained matrix points. Structured off class Matrix3D design.
Cylinder.java (new)
  - Derived from class Shape3D also, and intended for rough 3D modeling for drawing cylinders.
  -  Class Cube, Cylinder: Extend from:
Shape3D.java (new)
  - ROUGH Implementation for storage and management of 3D Modeling, initially for Polygons and Cylinder types. Intended usage primarily as generic \ base class for derived shape types, though mildly exploited currently.

  - Implementation for storage of 3D Matrices representing coordinate points, manipulation via Linear Transformations API
Building.java (new)
  - Top layer of rough 3D modeling application. Named after initial themed content of buildings within a city scape.
  - Class Building: Extends from:

BufferedApplet.java Foreign Source (Unmodified)
  - Provided by Professor Ken Perlin.