2-Link Robot

  • This is a 4DOF robot (both link lengths are parametrizable)
  • The planner is resolution-exact, and constructed within the Soft Subdivision Search (SSS) Framework.
  • A new idea in this planner is our T/R splitting strategy.
  • Five search strategies have been implemented: random, BFS, Greedy, Size+Distance, Voronoi. Generally, Greedy or Size+Distance strategies are best.
  • We ran our planner on a battery of 15 non-trivial environments. The most complex is 300 randomly generated triangles. All perform their task within a second using the best strategy.
  • Here is a demo movie: 2link-8way-demo.mov. You can also watch at Youtube

  • (A) Here is 8-Way Junction Environment, with start (double circle) and goal (single circle) configurations. Links are black and red. (B) Subdivision of the 8-Way Configuration Space using the Greedy Best First Strategy.
    2link-8way-init 2link-8way-demo
    Note that there are 3 small obstacle triangles in the junction area. Color Code: Yellow=MIXED, Red=STUCK, Green=FREE.
    The boxes shows extent of the translational DOFs, but each box is also associated with 2 rotational DOFs. Clicking a green box will display free rotational ranges.

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