Eric Koskinen
Visiting Assistant Professor

Computer Science Department
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
New York University
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2015 The Push/Pull model of transactions [Technical Report] [Slides]
E Koskinen, M Parkinson
Under submission
2014 Local Temporal Reasoning [Full version] NEW
E Koskinen, T Terauchi
LICS 2014
  Commutativity Race Detection NEW
D Dimitrov, V Raychev, M Vechev, E Koskinen
PLDI 2014
  Composable Transactional Objects: A Position Paper
M Herlihy (Invited talk), E Koskinen
ESOP 2014
2013 Turning Nondeterminism into Parallelism
O Tripp, E Koskinen, M Sagiv
  Reasoning about nondeterminsim in software [slides]
B Cook, E Koskinen
PLDI 2013
  Structural Counter Abstraction
K Bansal, E Koskinen, T Wies, D Zufferey
TACAS 2013
2011 Temporal property verification as a program analysis task [TR] [Slides]
B Cook, E Koskinen, M Vardi
CAV 2011 Award paper
  Making Prophecies with Decision Predicates [TR] [Slides] B Cook, E Koskinen
POPL 2011
2010 Coarse-Grained Transactions [TR] [Slides]
E Koskinen, M Parkinson, M Herlihy.
POPL 2010
2009 Concurrent Non-commutative Boosted Transactions
E Koskinen, M Herlihy.
PODC 2009 (Brief Announcement)
  Control-Flow Refinement and Progress Invariants for Bound Analysis [Slides]
S Gulwani, S Jain, E Koskinen.
PLDI 2009
2008 Dreadlocks: Efficient Deadlock Detection
E Koskinen, M Herlihy
SPAA 2008
  Checkpoints and Continuations instead of Nested Transactions
E Koskinen, M Herlihy.
SPAA 2008
  Transactional Boosting: A Methodology for Highly-Concurrent Transactional Objects [TR] [Talk]
M Herlihy, E Koskinen.
PPoPP 2008
  BorderPatrol: Isolating Events for Black-box Tracing
E Koskinen, J Jannotti
EuroSys 2008