These instructions summarize more detailed (and sometimes confusing) instructions on SciPy pages.


Download and run Windows binary installers. It is prefereable not to change the default location for anything.

Mac OS X

Option 1: The recommended way to install numpy/scipt/matplotlib on a Mac is using fink This will download, compile and install scipy and matplotlib and all of their dependencies, which include numpy. It will take some time to compile.

Option 2: If you are running Mac OS 10.5 on an Intel Mac, the easiest thing to do is run the Scipy Superpack Installer. Invoke IDLE as idle2.5 -n from the command line prompt for interactive matplotlib work.


For the Ubuntu disitrubution all you need to do is
sudo apt-get install python-scipy
sudo apt-get install python-matplotlib
Other distributions are likely to require a different procedure. If you have trouble with your version of Linux, please contact the teaching assistant.