Robert B.K. Dewar

Professor of Computer Science
Ph.D., University of Chicago


Professor Dewar has been involved with computers for over twenty-five years and has written major software systems including real-time operating systems for Honeywell on early microprocessors and a series of compilers. The SPITBOL compiler, which he originally wrote nearly twenty years ago for mainframe computers, has now been ported to most major microprocessors, including most recently the SPARC. He wrote the back end and run-time library for the Realia COBOL compiler for the IBM PC, and more recently has been involved with the Ada language, for which he was one of the language reviewers. He has also been involved in the design and implementation of the Alsys Ada compilers for the IBM PC and other microprocessors and has co-lead (with Professor Schonberg) the team that has written a full GNU Ada 95 compiler (called GNAT) that is widely used. He is the author of a book on microprocessor Architecture, and has been an industry columnist on Microprocessor and software issues for Open Systems Today.

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