Student Research Project at the Museum of Modern Art, New York (Spring, 2011)

Project Title     Source Code Documentation for Computational Art at the Museum of Modern Art
Participants:    Susana Delgadillo, Kelsey Lee, Elizabeth Pelka, Erin Schoenfelder and Albert Yau
Supervisor:      Professor Deena Engel, Courant Institute of Mathematics, New York University
MoMA Liaison: Glenn Wharton, Media Conservator, Museum of Modern Art.

Students worked on a research project preparing documentation on a work of computational art in order to facilitate conservation decisions about this work in particular and to provide a model for this process for such works in general. The documentation included an overview of the technologies used, a flowchart of the work, identification and narrative descriptions of the functions and procedures and an overview to contextualize the work within the field of current computational art.

Museum The Museum of Modern Art, New York City
Artist       Rafael Lozano-Hemmer


Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. 33 Questions Per Minute. 2000.
Installation view of the exhibition, "Automatic Update." June 27, 2007 through September 3, 2007.
The Museum of Modern Art, New York.
Photographer: John Wronn.
Copyright: The Museum of Modern Art, New York.