A few old cartoons and illustrations collected by Ernie Davis

Caspar Milquetoast --- H.T. Webster

The Timid Soul: Caspar Milquetoast
H.T. Webster
"Well, I'll wait one more hour for him, and if he doesn't come then he can go and borrow that $100 from someone else."

Protest to Symphony --- Gluyas Williams

Gentlemen --- I don't suppose the opinion of one who climbs into a sixty-five cent upper gallery seat carries quite as much weight as the wishes of the ermine-wrapped patrons who adorn the boxes. But when we keep getting the D Minor, the Lovedeath and such hackneyed fare from week to week, to the total exclusion of contemporary artists, then I say appeasement has gone too far. I wouldn't expect to find you programming Schönberg and Bartók (!), but in the name of heaven, have we become so ossified that not even a little Mahler, Prokofieff, or even ...
"Protest to Symphony" from The Writing Public by Gluyas Williams
Caption by Russell Maloney

How to Guess Your Age --- Gluyas Williams

It seems to me that they are building staircases steeper than they used to. The risers are higher, or there are more of them, or something.

Maybe this is because it is so much further from the first floor to the second floor, but I've noticed it is getting harder to make two steps at a time any more. Nowadays it is all I can do to make one step at a time.

From How to Guess Your Age by Corey Ford. Illustration by Gluyas Williams.