What are the Dreams?

An Anthology
Compiled and Introduced
Philip J. Davis

Prepared for distribution to the contributors
The Pafnuty Press
Providence, Rhode Island

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Philip Davis, Preface

Editor's Note.

Philip Davis, The Dreams of Mathemeatics

I. I. Hirschman, The Dreams of Mathematics

Herbert Kolsky, The Dreams of Physics

David Park, The Dreams of Physics

Thomas Lovell Beddoes If There Were Dreams to Sell

A.J. Ayer, The Dreams of Philosophy

George Wald, The Dreams of Biology

Alan Perlis, The Dreams of Computer Science

Peter Wegner, The Dreams of Computer Science

Joseph Kestin, The Dreams of Engineering

Michael Finkelstein, The Dreams of Law

Adam Yarmolinksy, The Dreams of Government

James Goodwin, The Dreams of Medicine

James Goodwin, 2020 footnote to "The Dreams of Medicine"

Jean Goodwin, The Dreams of Psychiatry

Jean Goodwin, 2020 footnote to "The Dreams of Psychiatry"

Quotes from John Adams and Josephine Hendin

Abbott Gleason, The Dreams of History

Hilda Lewis, The Dreams of Social Work

Jerome Spingarn, The Dream of International Law

Kinereth Gensler, The Dreams of Poetry

Myron Kaufmann, The Dream of Fiction

John McNamee, The Dream of Sanctity

Louis Finkelstein, The Dreams of Theology

Brief Lives