Collection of Winograd Schemas in Chinese

  1. The city councilmen refused the demonstrators a permit because they [feared/advocated] violence. Who [feared/advocated] violence?
    Answers: The city councilmen/the demonstrators.

    市政府拒绝给示威者颁发游行许可证,因为[担心/鼓吹]暴力事件。 谁[担心/鼓吹]暴力事件?
    答案: 市政府/示威者

  2. The trophy doesn't fit into the brown suitcase because it's too [small/large]. What is too [small/large]?
    Answers:The suitcase/the trophy.

    奖杯无法放进到棕色的箱子里,因为它太[小/大]了。 什么东西太[小/大]了?
    答案: 箱子/奖杯

  3. Joan made sure to thank Susan for all the help she had [given/received]. Who had [given/received] help?
    Answers: Susan/Joan.

  4. Paul tried to call George on the phone, but he wasn't [successful/available]. Who was not [successful/available]?
    Answers: Paul/George

    张伟给王刚打电话,但是没有[打通/应答]。 谁没有[打通/应答]电话?
    答案: 李伟/王刚

  5. The lawyer asked the witness a question, but he was reluctant to [answer/repeat] it . Who was reluctant to [answer/repeat] the question?
    Answers: The witness/the lawyer.

    律师问了证人一个问题,但是他拒绝[回答/重复]它。 谁拒绝[回答/重复]问题?
    答案: 证人/律师

  6. The delivery truck zoomed by the school bus because it was going so [fast/slow]. What was going so [fast/slow]?
    Answers: The truck/the bus

    大卡车从校车旁边飞驰而过,因为它开得太[快/慢]。 谁开得太[快/慢]?
    答案: 卡车/校车

  7. Frank felt [vindicated/crushed] when his longtime rival Bill revealed that he was the winner of the competition. Who was the winner of the competition?
    Answers: Frank/Bill

    当他的宿敌朱亮透露他是获胜者的时候,李勇觉得很[得意/崩溃]。 谁是获胜者?
    答案: 李勇/朱亮

  8. The man couldn't lift his son because he was so [weak/heavy]. Who was [weak/heavy]?
    Answers: The man/the son.

    那个男人抱不动他儿子,因为他太[虚弱/重]了。 谁太[虚弱/重]了?
    答案: 男人/儿子

  9. The large ball crashed right through the table because it was made of [steel/styrofoam] What was made of [steel/styrofoam]?
    Answers: The ball/the table.

    那个球在碰到桌子的时候碎了,因为它是[钢/泡沫塑料]做的。 什么是[钢/泡沫塑料]做的了?
    答案: 铁/泡沫塑料

  10. John couldn't see the stage with Billy in front of him because he is so [short/tall]. Who is so [short/tall]?
    Answers: John/Billy.

    王艳站在李梅的后边看不到舞台,因为她太[矮/高]了。 谁太[矮/高]了?
    答案: 王艳/李梅

  11. Tom threw his schoolbag down to Ray after he reached the [top/bottom] of the stairs. Who reached the [top/bottom] of the stairs?
    Answers: Tom/Ray.

    在他到了楼梯[顶/底部]之后,小王把书包丢了下来给小李。 谁到了楼梯[顶/底部]?
    答案: 小王/小李

  12. Although they ran at about the same speed, Sue beat Sally because she had such a [good/bad] start. Who had a [good/bad] start?
    Answers: Sue/Sally.

    尽管她们的速度差不多,王姗姗还是赢了徐曼曼,因为她的起跑[好/不好]。 谁的起跑[好/不好]?
    答案: 王姗姗/徐曼曼