While We Were Sleeping
NYU and the Destruction of New York
A Collection of Pieces in Protest

Printed at McNally-Jackson bookstore, 2012, ISBN 978-1-938-02214-2

"While We Were Sleeping" is an urgent call to save Greenwich Village from New York University's uncontrolled expansion. Writers and artists make the case against NYU's plans to devour previous acres of green space, including the spectacular Sasaki Garden, the Key Park children's playground, and a gorgeous grove of oak trees. All this will go ahead if we don't stop it. The price of our inactivity is twenty years of continuous construction. We will wake up to discover 2.2 million square feet of office space where our Village used to be. Our alarm clock is ringing.

Table of contents

Mark Crispin Miller Crimes Against Urbanity
1. The University
Jules Feiffer Annals of SuperVillains: The Gown That Ate the Town
Ernest Davis, Patrick Deer Expand Minds, Not NYU's Campus
    Mark Crispin Miller
Lynne Tillman Great vs. BIG
Andrew Ross Debt and Growth, FIRE and ICE
Barbara Browning Dancing Through the Village
Patrick W. Gallagher The Magical World of Real Estate, Where Anything Can Happen (But Doesn't)
E.L. Doctorow
2. The Village
Roberta Brandes Gratz NYU Protest
Kenneth Lonergan
Peter Carey New York Theater Workshop, June 18, 2012
Hubert Steed Before and After Photos
Kevin Baker The Village Without Apologies
Eileen Myles Buildings and Cigarettes
David Amram
Eric Drooker Bird's Eye View
Nat Hentoff
John Guare
Joseph McElroy I ASK
Joel Grey
Philip Levine It Can't Happen Here
Jessica Hagedorn Greenwich Village, Mon Amour
Eric Drooker Terminal Rage
Sarah Schulman Good Morning 7-Eleven
Arthus Nersesian Part by Part
James S. Russell How NYU Can Grow
Michael Sorkin NYU's Tipping Point
3. Beyond the Village
Daniel Goldstein The Universal Flight
Brian McFadden Gentrified Funny Pages
Mindy Thompson Fullilove, MD     Industries and Ecosystems
Ashley Gilbertson

Photos from the Book Party at McNally-Jackson Joann Jovinelly, photographer.