Notes on AI Related Topics

Ernest Davis

Propositional Logic
Davis-Putnam algorithm
Davis-Putnam: example.
Translating problems into Satisfiability
Predicate calculus
Guide to expressing facts in first-order logic
Russell's Paradox as an Illustration of the Use of Factoring
Exhaustive Search in Resolution Theorem Proving
Stochastic Generative Models
Linear Separators and Support Vector Machines
K-means clustering
Minimum Description Length Learning
Derivation of Laplacian Smoothing
Naive Bayes for Text
ID3 Algorithm
ID3 Algorithm
CYK Parse algorithm.
CYK Parse Example.     CYK Parse Second example,
Semantic Interpretation
Text Interpretation
Notes on ambiguity
Compound Noun Phrases
Tagging NL text using the K-gram model
Minimum description length learning
Viterbi algorithm
Viterbi example
Suggested Readings in AI