Cyberhead... Am I Really Existing?


Cyberhead... Am I Really Existing?

Caire's Cyberhead at the end of the journey.

Caire's Cyberhead, a Virtual Reality installation, is a fully immersed interactive fly through a head reconstructed from Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

This Virtual Reality journey runs on a Silicon Graphics Onyx Reality Engine2, for real time and texture maps, and with a FakeSpace BOOM 2C as high resolution stereoscopic viewing and navigating device. To build the world, Sense 8 WorldToolKit Virtual Reality software was used. Real time sound spatialization is generated in 3-D audio by two Beachtrons from Crystal River.

Cyberhead was developed in the Virtual Reality Laboratory and the Artificial Intelligence Center of SRI International, in collaboration with the Lucas MRS Center at Stanford University.

Additional 3-D CAD models and animation were created at Colossal Pictures, Spectrum HoloByte and by Cyberware. Principal collaborators include: Harlyn Baker, Nat Bletter, Aron Bonar, Tamar Cohen, Gina Faber, Mark Ferneau, Paul Hemler, Lee Iverson, Andy Kopra, Lance Norskog, Tom Piantanida, Marc Scaparro, Pierre Vasseur.

Cyberhead showings in 1994:

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A viewer flying through Caire's Cyberhead, print by Paul Haeberli and Patrice Caire, 40"x30" jet printing on paper. Exhibited at the Center for Contemporary Art (CoCA) in Seattle, in the show Random Access. June to August 1994.

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