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  1. A line in the first paragraph states "The odd indexed ones are at one site each (ie. index number mod 10 plus 1)". Does this mean that x1 and x11 will be at site 2 (two at one site)?
    • Correct.
  2. Since we implement wait-die protocol where "if two transactions have the same age then neither waits for the other", then isn't it possible that we will still encounter deadlock? If so, do we simply allow our transactions to hang in this situation?
    • In this case, they will both die. No deadlock but a possibility of livelock. This would normally be resolved by appending the site id of the issuing client to the transaction start time, but I'm not requiring that here.
  3. If a transaction dies due to the wait-die protocol, are we (or the TM) supposed to restart it or is it simply aborted?
    • Simply aborted.
  4. How are the TM and the sites to be set up? Is this all one program or should we have 11 programs running (1 for the TM and 10 for the sites)? If the latter, should we be able to run these across a network on different machines?
    • This is up to you. You will learn more if you do it as multiple processes, but this is not required.