henning biermann
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NYU Department of Computer Science
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
715 Broadway, Rm 1206
New York, NY, 10003
tel: 212/998-3469, fax: 212/995-4122
biermann@cs.nyu.edu,  pgp


cut-and-paste editing of smooth surfaces, H. Biermann, D. Zorin, D. Kristjanson
smooth subdivision surfaces with normal control H. Biermann, Adi Levin, D. Zorin
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recovering non-rigid 3d shape from image streams Chris Bregler, A. Hertzmann, Henning Bierman
image database retrieval B. Moghaddam, H. Biermann, D. Margaritis
remote navigation of virtual environments H. Biermann, A. Hertzmann, J. Meyer, K. Perlin
comic strips for algorithm visualization H. Biermann, R. Cole
approximation algorithms for grouping problems H. Biermann, J. Kalagnanam


computer systems organization ii recitation


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