Proof: a Symposium

Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences NYU (CIMS)
Manhattan Theatre Club (Proof)
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (Sloan)

Oct. 16, 2000

This conference was organized in conjunction with the Broadway opening of David Auburn's play Proof.

Following are videos of the conference.

To view a segment of the "Proof Symposium", click on an image below.

  • Introductions

    • Marsha Berger, Deputy Director, Courant Institute, NYU
    • Richard Foley, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences, NYU
    • Doron Weber, Sloan Foundation

  • Panel I: What's a Proof and What's it Worth?

    Moderator: Peter Sarnak, Institute for Advanced Study & Princeton (Math).
    • Kit Fine, NYU (Philosophy)
    • Arthur Jaffe, Clay Mathematics Institute & Harvard (Math, Physics)
    • Dusa McDuff, SUNY Stony Brook (Math)
    • Thomas Nagel, NYU (Law, Philosophy)
    • Michael Rabin , Harvard (Engineering and Applied Sciences)
    • Jacob Schwartz, NYU (Courant).

  • Panel II: Women and Proof

    Introduction: Marsha Berger, Deputy Director, Courant Institute, NYU
    Moderator: Margaret H. Wright, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies
    • Dusa McDuff, SUNY Stony Brook (Math)
    • Cathleen Morawetz, NYU (Courant)
    • Mary Pugh, UPenn (Math)
    • Jean E. Taylor, Rutgers (Math)
    • Karen Uhlenbeck, UTexas Austin (Math)

  • Panel III: Proof in Performance and Prose

    Introduction: David McLaughlin, Director, Courant Institute, NYU
    Moderator: Michael Janeway, Director, National Arts Journalism Program , Columbia
    • David Auburn, author of Proof
    • Rebecca Goldstein, novelist
    • Sylvia Nasar, journalist
    • Ben Shenkman, Proof cast member

We would like to thank Estarose Wolfson of the Courant Institute and Kathryn L. Sullivan, Jeffrey Lane, and Meagan Dolan of the Faculty Technology Center of the ITS for their help in converting the "Proof Seminar" videos.