The Amazing Spider Catcher

Are you plagued by creatures who crawl on your floors and walls? Do you want to get rid of them peacefully and without leaving a stain? What you need is a spider catcher.

To make your very own spider catcher, all you need are the folowing:

Tools that may be helpful: The first thing you want to do is make sure your cassette case can open and close easily. If it's too stiff, file the contact points. Next, attach the cassette case to the PVC pipe using glue or epoxy. Attach it right in the middle of where the cassette title would be. Now, drill a hole in the PVC pipe just under where it attaches to the cassette case on the same side as the back of the cassette case. Take the string, glue or tape it to the front of the cassette case, and then pass it over the top (on the side opposite the pipe), along the back of the case, and through the hole in the pipe. You might want to use a paper-clip to weight the string down so you can get it out through the bottom of the pipe.

To catch your crawly friend, open the cassette case to almost a 90 degree angle, and slide the front side of the cassette case under the creature (see below). When it falls in the case, pull on the string snapping the case shut. Then dispose of the visitor in whatever way seems best.

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