Miscellaneous Information

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Software Releases

Calypso Linux/UNIX version 1.3.

Calypso and ResourceBroker contains (an older version of) Linux/UNIX source code, example programs and documentations.

Charlotte-lite version 1.3 a lean and (a relatively) clean version incorporating many of the ideas from KnittingFactory

Charlotte the original "one-click-computing." I recomend the newer Charlotte-lite.

KnittingFactory the original infrastructure for Web-based computing. I recoment Charlotte-lite which incorporates most of its features.

Online Tools Simulator showing the performance gains of eager scheduling. This only works with Java 1.1 capable browsers.
Pictures Couple of pictures (1, 2) of me at Java'98.
Public Key View my DH/DSS public key, or add it to your PGP key chain by the following command:
pgpk -a http://www.cs.nyu.edu/baratloo/html/publickey.txt
Conference Pointers Courtesy of GENIAS
Courtesy of Univ. of Utah
Courtesy of Gerald Roth (Rice)

Other things Free Internet access: NetZero, AltaVista FreeAccess.
Domain name whois search, courtesy of Network Solutions.
Important information if you are using MS Internet Explorer.