Telecommunications and Coordination Technologies

Information Systems Department, Stern School of Business, NYU
Prof. Arthur Goldberg, Computer Science Department, NYU
Fall 1999
C20.0045001, 3 credits
Wednesdays 6:20 - 9:00PM, Tisch UC59
Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Computer Systems (C20.0035) or Prof. Goldberg’s permission


This course surveys the major components and functions of electronic communications systems, focusing on computer networks and reviewing telephone and cable television networks.It discusses the major trends and issues relating to network technologies.Among the specific topics covered are principles and standards of computer communication, the underlying technologies for communication systems, network protocols and network software.


Text: Required: Douglas E. Comer, Ralph E. Droms, Computer Networks and Internets, Hardcover - 590 pages, 2nd edition (January 1999), Prentice Hall; ISBN: 0130836176. $74.00 plus shipping at
Additional reference: Andrew Tanenbaum, Computer Networking, Third Edition, 1996, ISBN 0-13-349945-6. The best technical computer networking text.It sells for $55.30.

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Guest Lectures

Michael Lewis, The Internet: Issues for Developing Countries
Bill Russell: NYU-NET: Internetworking inside NYU and between NYU and the World: Status and Plans
Andrew Rosson, Furman Selz, IP in a Medium Sized Financial Firm

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