CSCI-GA.2620-001: Networks and Mobile Systems

Instructor: Anirudh Sivaraman

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This course will introduce students to research in computer networks. Students will be expected to read and critique research papers and carry out a semester-long research project.

Jan 28: Internet architecture: Design philosophy, Why the Internet only just works, How to read
Notes: Logistics, Overview, Design philosophy notes, Just works notes
Feb 4: End-host-based resource allocation: Congestion avoidance and control, BBR
Notes: Project resources, Project ideas, Project logistics, Congestion avoidance notes, BBR notes
Scribe notes
Feb 11: In-network resource allocation: XCP, WFQ
Notes: XCP motivation, XCP notes, WFQ notes
Scribe notes
Feb 18: No class because of Legislative Day
Feb 25: Internet routing: Lecture notes on Internet routing, Stable Internet routing
Notes: BGP notes
Scribe notes
Mar 4: Internet exchanges and peering: SDX, Espresso
Notes: SDX and Espresso notes
Scribe notes
Mar 11: Datacenters: VL2, DCTCP
Notes: VL2 and DCTCP notes
Scribe notes
Mar 18: Software defined networking: Ethane, OpenFlow
Notes: Ethane and OpenFlow notes
Scott Shenker's talk
Scribe notes
Mar 25: Programmable networks: RMT, P4
Notes: RMT and P4 notes
April 1: Network verification: Header space analysis
April 8: Network security: The matter of heartbleed
Notes: Heartbleed notes
Scribe notes
April 15: Network censorship: The great firewall
Scribe notes
April 22: Anonymous communication: Tor: The Second-Generation Onion Router; Tor traffic analysis
No lecture; watch this video instead: Nick Mathewson on Tor
April 29: Cellular networks: Sprout, LTEye
Notes: Sprout and LTEye notes
Scribe notes
May 6: Wireless networks: Full duplex, MegaMIMO
Notes: MegaMIMO and Full duplex notes
Scribe notes
May 13: Project presentations
May 15: Project paper due
Other links: past exams: 2018; 2019; 2018 solutions; sample questions; Midterm 2021 solutions; Impact of COVID on the Internet
Grading: Research projects in teams of up to 2 (60%), midterm (20%), final exam (20%)
Class timing: Thursday 7:10 to 9 pm
Office hours: Monday 2 pm to 4 pm, or by appointment (Room 408, 60 Fifth Ave)
Classroom: 60 Fifth Ave C12