Introduction to Computer Science(CSCI-UA-0101.001/002)
Spring 2014 -- Section 1 (Honors) and Section 2
Professor: Andrew Case

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Cooperation, Acknowledgements, Cheating, and Academic Integrity

All students should submit their own work. Open discussion about topics is strongly encouraged (with associated class forums, mailing lists, tutors, fellow students, and the instructor). HOWERVER, THE WORK SUBMITTED SHOULD BE YOUR OWN. If you base your work on an idea from a source other than yourself, you are required to reference that source in your program comments. If you're not sure if it's acceptable or not, please ask your instructor! Cheating (submitting work that is not your own) can result in an automatic failing of the course. Here are examples of proper discussion, improper discussion, and acknowledgements. In addition, please see the statement of academic integrity, that all students must abide by.

HomeworkDue DateSolution
Homework 02/04 @ 11:55pmSolution
Homework 12/11 @ 11:55pmSolution
Homework 22/18 @ 11:55pmSolution
Homework 32/25 @ 11:55pmSolution
Homework 43/11 @ 11:55pmSolution
Homework 53/25 @ 11:55pmSolution
Homework 6Thurs. 4/03 @ 11:55pmSolution
Homework 7Thurs. 4/10 @ 11:55pmSolution
Homework 84/29 @ 11:55pmSolution
Homework 95/08 @ 11:55pm

Late policy: Each student will automatically receive 5 grace late days for the entire semester. Assignments can be turned in up to 3 days late for a 10% deduction per day late.

Correctness Verification

With many assignments you will be able to validate the correctness of your solution on LiveLab before submitting your code on NYU Classes. Remember that LiveLab only checks for technical accuracy. In addition to correctness, coding style is always in consideration when grading.


Unless otherwise stated, submit all hw assignments via NYU Classes (accessible through NYU Home.)

Coding Style

When grading your assignments, we will consider your coding style in addition to code correctness. Please refer the grading criteria for proper coding style.
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