CSCI.UA0101: Homework 6

Section 001: 45 points
Section 002: 45 points

Updates: Mar 28 21:47 - Code for Shapes was updated with more documentation to provide a better description of what is being asked for.

Answer the questions stated in the following exercises by submitting plain-text or Java source code (.txt and .java extensions respectively) as stated in the exercises through NYU Classes. No word (.doc/.docx/etc.) or rich-text (.rtf) files please (in your text editor do "Save file as plain-text"). Java programs should be just the Java source code (not your .class files or Eclipse workspaces) unless otherwise stated.

In all files submitted include a documentation header using comments which include:

 * [Description of the program]
 * @author: [Your Name]

Points will be deducted for bad coding style (up to 25% of your grade), so:

For more details regarding good coding style guidelines see the grading criteria.

Part 0 - Working with 3rd Party Libraries

0 points

There are many 3rd party libraries that are available for Java that can add additional capabilities to our programs. This assignment will step you through how to add the Processing graphics library to an eclipse project and get you up and running with it.

In order to use it, please follow these instructions, or follow this video example (using instead of You'll need this core.jar file (right click, save as download). This .jar files is a compressed version of the Processing libraries needed for this assignment. You'll also need this sample source code.

Run the program as-is to make sure you have everything configured properly.

Part 1 - Primitives

15 - points

Complete the code in Save and submit your source code as

Part 2 - Creative Ideas

30 - points

Create your own Processing program that draws whatever interests you. Points will be awarded based on:

In the header to your program list any key considerations you think should be taken into account during grading. Your program should print out any necessary instructions to the user at run-time (when the program begins).

Some ideas:

Save and submit your source code as