Introduction to Computer Programming (UA-0002.002)
Fall 2013 -- Section 2: Python
Professor: Andrew Case

Midterm2 Study Guide


No outside materials are allowed on the exam. You will be provided with some Python documentation (subject to updates) for use during the exam.

Midterm2 sample questions to get an idea of the test format and some sample problems.

Midterm List of Topics

This is NOT an exhaustive list. Please refer to the class reading assignments.


Suggested Programming Exercises

Material covered before Midterm1

New lecture Material


    - Key Design concepts
    - Key Components
    - Modules
        - Importing


    - For Loops
        + when to use which type
        + iterating
            - using range
            - using a list of numbers
    - While Loop
        + when to use
        + conditional statement
        + iterating
    - Break
    - Continue
    - Nested Loops

Turtle Graphics

    - Setup/configuring turtle
    - Moving the turtle
    - Drawing
    - Polygons/lines


    - Indexing
    - Slicing
    - Built-in Functions

Data Structures

    - Sequences
    - Creating, storing, and modifying data in:
        + Lists
        + Tuples
        + Sets
        + Dicts
    - Functions associated with each data type
    - Which data structures to use
    - Nested data structures

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